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Our Methodology - Technology
An illustration of questions an Axiomate business assessment will answer on your behalf.

Infrastructure Architecture
Is there a definitive product architecture? What is it? How or why was it formed?
Do all products follow this architecture?
How does the "Voice of the Customer" enter into the product definition?
What is the process to change the architecture?
Software Lifecycle
What is the perceived product life? Is this consistent with sales trends?
What is the product development cycle? How does this relate to product life?
Where are existing development projects in the lifecycle?
What is the staff current working on?
Code Quality
How do you measure Quality?
How do your customers measure Quality?
What is your Cost of Quality?
Is Cost of Quality documented and reported? Frequency? Audience?
Are resident skills capable of handling near term challenges?
How do you ensure technical currency and proficiency within your staff base?
What is key to hiring staff?
What is key to retaining staff? Why do people stay and why do they go?
How does turnover compare to peer companies?
Project Analysis
Do you have a formal Project management system?
What are the metrics for management of the system?
What is the performance (plus or minus time and dollars to plan)?
How do you measure quality of deliverables for projects? Performance metrics?

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