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Our Methodology
We are skilled at helping investors and business buyers understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of a given business. Our due diligence process is designed to identify and understand all attributes of a particular company and business.

We will conduct our own due diligence leading to a comprehensive SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis will create the foundation for a sound strategic integration plan that leverages strengths, shores-up weaknesses, capitalizes on opportunities and steers the business clear of threats.

Our proprietary due diligence methodology ensures a thorough analysis of the target business. We focus on all of the key elements of business infrastructure including:
The Framework of a Successful Organization

Larger Version

Infrastructure architecture, software lifecycle, code quality, staffing, project analysis, e-business strategy, and risk management.

Finance & Administration
Financial condition, internal control, information systems, key business relationships, owner motivations, and risk management.

Process review, business infrastructure, and management discipline.

Sales & Marketing
Sales management process, pipeline, lead generation, and voice of the customer.

People, Culture & Organization
The company's ability to preserve the core and stimulate progress within the team.

Our Philosopy
In our business, we measure every target company against three definitive criteria:

Do they listen to the customer?
A business only exists to the extent that it meets customer needs. Too often, businesses lose their customer orientation over time. Employees begin to serve their employer rather than the customer. This natural process ultimately results in a troubled company. We will provide tools for management to constantly monitor their customer relationship.

Do they watch their numbers?
Too often businesses fail to adhere to financial discipline. Sometimes this failure is not watching any numbers on a timely basis, but more often, it is not watching the right numbers at the right time. We will help you develop a financial dashboard of meaningful metrics to track the progress of the business to the plan and identify needed course corrections with sufficient visibility.

Do they manage their culture?
Most parents and child-rearing experts will tell you the key to raising responsible adults is setting clear-consistent limits for children and organizing a plan of discipline accordingly. Similarly, but rarely followed, the key to building an effect organization is a defined culture based upon clear expectations of and for employees and managing accordingly. Companies too often overlook the power of cultural definition and management in attaining success. Our program does not!

Our Objectives
What is the truth about the current state of the target?
What are the tangible exposures?
Cultural Assessment
Can the target attain, motivate, and retain a talented team?
Is the vision and commitment clear within the organization?
Are roles and responsibilities defined?
Execution Assessment
Is the target following through on its business plan?
Is it capable of building a sustainable business?
What are the obstacles to success?

Our Process
Our deliverable is generally a comprehensive business assessment. It includes a written report, schedules and key target documents that collectively form a SWOT analysis on the target. Our report and guidance will provide you with:

Step 1.
We collaborate to scope the work, ensuring our emphasis on the areas of greatest importance to you;

Step 2.
We review all business disciplines using our proven due diligence methodology;

Step 3.
We synthesize, analyze, and organize the gathered information in context with our experiences; and

Step 4.
We deliver a detailed assessment of the risks, exposures and weaknesses of the target investment, including recommendation for purchase price adjustment and representation and warranty enhancement.

Your Results
Our assessments provide you with:

Solid support for your investment or purchase decision to minimize investment risk to alleviate buyer's remorse.

Informed analysis and empirical data that gives you the advantage in negotiation to ensure you invest or buy at the right price.

The business intelligence to ensure you meet the market opportunity, and strategies to ensure fluid integration.

Clear action items to improve your effectiveness in directing the business.

The Bottom Line
Our reccomendation of purchase price adjustments based upon our findings.

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