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Our Methodology - Sales & Marketing
An illustration of questions an Axiomate business assessment will answer on your behalf.

Sales Management Process
Is there a formal process for managing sales activity?
How are leads managed? What happens to "dropped leads?"
Does the company have an understanding of its cost of leads?
What marketing activities have the lowest cost of leads?
What marketing activities produce the most qualified leads?
What tools are used to manage the leads?
What metrics are documented and reviewed? Frequency? Audience?
Pipeline / Lifecycle
Does the sales pipeline provide an adequate forecast of future sales?
How long is the sales cycle? What does it cost to produce a sale?
Is the pipeline realistic given our review of accounting and customer support?
What is the percent variance of forecasted sales versus actual?
Lead Generation Process
Where do leads come from?
How are they tracked?
What happens to dead leads?
Are lead programs measured?
Which lead programs make financial sense, which do not?
Voice of the Customer
How are customers found?
How do customers find you?
How does the Company stay in touch with its customer?
How are products and services specified? What is the degree of customer input into the process?
What are the customers saying about the target? It's products? It's people?
How does customer support information flow into the Voice of the Customer?
What is the Frequency of customer contact? Distribution of contact?
Customer Relationships
What is the CRM system? Is it formal and coordinated or ad hoc?
What are its metrics?
Who reviews system? Frequency?
How does customer influence product direction?

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