Axiomate Delivering Simple Truths about Business Investment Risk and Exposure
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About Us
Axiomate is an international corporate investigation and due diligence organization serving investors, entrepreneurs and bankers.

Axiomate is a team of entrepreneurs, finance and technology professionals that use their skills and extensive experience in the areas of auditing, corporate financial investigation, forensic accounting, organizational assessment, information systems, business process analysis and software development to help our customers, the investment community, understand their investment risk.

The purpose of Axiomate is to facilitate informed strategic decision-making for our clients by providing them pertinent information as well as analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) associated with a particular investment, business acquisition, joint venture, key hire or under-performing asset.

Our Team

Axiomate is a team of senior entrepreneurial executives skilled in the areas of accounting, law, software development, information technology, sales and marketing, business operations, and human resources.

Eric Edwards - Principal Finance, Operations, & General

Our Experience

Axiomate has completed more than 40 projects in the United States and Canada of various size and complexity and has assessed projects exceeding $300 million in value.

Our engagements have included due diligence and negotiation of a number of companies, domestic and international, in a variety of industries. These industries include software, e-commerce, computer services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, energy, real estate, and finance. Our assessments have supported the acquisitions via stock, asset purchase, and technology transfer.

Our analysis also includes strategic assessments of ongoing business ventures and forensic assessments in support of banks and bankruptcy trustees in workout situations.

Axiomate has delivered simple yet insightful truths about investment risks and exposures.

Our Culture

Axiomate believes that a strong culture that preserves the core and stimulates progress is of the most important attributes of a successful company. Our culture is one that encourages associates to build the organization in specific, concrete ways. Our cultural vision demands tight ideological buy-in and simultaneously provides wide operating autonomy that encourages individual initiative.

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