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Who We Serve
We exist to facilitate the informed strategic decision-making of our clients. We provide pertinent information and analysis to delineate the risks, exposures, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses associated with a particular investment, acquisition, joint venture, key hire or under-performing asset.

We get dirty and look under the hood. Though we have a structured due diligence approach (to ensure quality), it is our vast and diversified experience that allows us to identify problems and opportunities quickly and, more importantly, to understand the impact of such issues on the business' ability to execute.

We serve the investment community; those that place a significant financial stake in the success of an enterprise. Our customers include: venture capitalists, angel investors, companies that acquire other companies, banks and attorneys. We customize our services for each type of customer and for each customer.

Venture Capitalists

We have been executives of venture-funded companies, both successful and troubled. We have raised money from venture capital groups. We understand the process, including the distinction between management motivations and techniques and those of the financing party. We also understand why apparently good deals go bad!

For the venture capitalist, we offer our traditional verification services tailored to compliment your own due diligence process. We also offer subject matter expertise in the areas of sales and marketing, particularly management and tactics, as well as product development. We identify and diagnose key operational deficiencies to prepare you to be an effective board member of the enterprise upon funding. We can help you help the management to correct infrastructure problems before they compromise the window of opportunity.

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Support for Mergers & Acquisitions and Sales of Businesses

For the business buying another, we provide training and structured due diligence to complement your due diligence efforts. Our process includes training your management team on due diligence procedures, then working with you to design the due diligence project appropriate for your acquisition. We integrate our personnel with yours to form the due diligence team, ensuring meaningful exposure to areas of operational interest for your team, while we ensure that all bases are covered.

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For the banker, our main objective is preserving the bank's position with regard to the credit. We seek to help the bank maximize the likelihood of the ultimate full collection of the loan.

For loans in trouble or workout, we assess both the viability of the credit and the condition of the collateral. Our standard assessment approach is customized to provide a more thorough analysis of the safeguarding, condition and realization likelihood of collateral, and a verification of the borrowing base. We can also help the bank understand the nature of any intangible assets, including mapping to a realization of the collateral, if necessary. We can also monitor ongoing business performance to agreed metrics, or will routinely prepare borrowing base reports during a workout period, if required.

For loans not yet in trouble, we can identify and diagnosis key operational deficiencies that threaten business viability. Our work can be used by the bank for a proper determination of loan administration or, alternatively, to assist management of the credit to improve business health.

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Our assessment program can be used in a forensic audit to assess and document the demise of a business. We can also track flow of funds, documenting who got paid and how in the support of litigation efforts or bankruptcy claims. Our due diligence programs can also be subcontracted to law firms to complement due diligence services they might provide for their clients in acquisitions and divestitures.

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Angel Investors

Our services to the Angel Investor are a more detailed and extensive version of the assessments we provide the Venture Capitalist. We find most Angels are not in the business to make investments and therefore lack much of the infrastructure and methodology of their Venture Capitalist counterparts. We provide those! In addition to verification, we can offer thorough business plan review and analysis, strategic market assessment and management team background checks. We will also monitor the investment on an on-going basis including obtaining and reviewing periodic management reports on your behalf. We can monitor trends to identify problems and giving time to address the problems while your investment still has value.

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Executives and Business Owners

For business owners and executives, we offer a variety of advisory and due diligence services tailored to position your company to achieve maximum value at investment or exit. Our goal is to help you highlight business strengths and opportunities while identifying and addressing weaknesses and threats. We want you to have command of all of your issues so that you can communicate them confidently and effectively. We believe it is dangerous to allow sellers or investors an opportunity to find issues for which management lacks answers. In such circumstance valuations could be discounted, management's integrity questioned and a deal could be comprised.

Our specific services include Business Plan Development; Market Research; strategic assessment (SWOT analysis;) Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance; and Review of Underperforming Business Units. Each of these services is designed to help you understand your business and marketplace while helping you to enhance the value of your business to the would-be investor or buyer.

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