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Axiomate's core competency is due diligence, specifically infrastructure assessment. We are skilled at helping investors and business buyers understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a given business. Our due diligence process is designed to identify and understand all attributes of a particular company and business. The end product of our due diligence effort is a comprehensive SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis provides the foundation for sound strategic planning as it does to well position the company for sale or investment. From this, we can map a plan of action that leverages strengths, shores-up weaknesses, capitalizes on opportunities and steers the business clear of threats.

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Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Packaging Your Business for Sale
Transaction Advisory Services
Business Plans
Strategic Review
Market Research
Review of Under-performing Business Units

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

It has been more than a year since the Sarbanes-Oxley bill was passed yet businesses continue to grasp with its implications. The Act requires executives of public companies to take personal responsibility for a company's financial disclosures. Although the Act is directed at public companies, it has significant ramifications for private companies that may one day sell to a public company. Given the executives of the public company are required to make personal representations, they will be less inclined to authorize the purchase of a private company that they believe have less than stellar financial controls. For the business owner, it makes good sense to put these controls in place today, to ensure business value tomorrow.

Compliance with the various Sarbanes-Oxley provisions is a major undertaking that will impact your entire enterprise. Axiomate can be a cost-effective and efficient way to make this happen. Our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance services will document your internal controls, identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend changes in your operations to help ensure the integrity of your financial reporting process. We will provide you with a detailed, manageable map of your internal control systems that will help you understand the impact of future organizational changes on your internal control environment. We will position you for conformance with COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.)

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Packaging Your Business for Sale

For sellers of a business, we can help prepare for a sale of your business at maximum value. Similar to the sale of a residence, companies that organize their affairs and clean their ledgers before entering into transaction discussions will universally command a top price at time of sale.

We perform are own due diligence as if we were a buyer ("phantom due diligence") to see how your business will hold up to buyer scrutiny. From this, we are able to advise the seller about areas that need to be dressed up before you begin marketing the company. The fee you would pay for such a service will be an substantially less than the price adjustment a would be buyer would propose if the buyer were to find problems during its due diligence.

We can prepare the "book" that summarizes the business including presenting key financial data and analysis to help the potential buyer understand the opportunity. We then assemble a data room to facilitate buyer due diligence as the sale comes near. We have also provided complete turnkey marketing of a business for sale on behalf of the seller.

We will also review the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance on your ability to command top dollar with the sale of your business.

Transaction Advisory Services

In addition to core due diligence services, we can also assist companies, buyers or sellers, in many aspects of the deal process. Over the years, we have been asked to play a significant role in the developing the structure of the deal, participating in the negotiating team, and/or assisting in the development and review of pertinent agreements including the Letter of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreement.

In some instances, sellers are asked to take back equity in the buyer as part of the sale. In such case, the buyer is asking your investment as a part of the deal. In such cases, the seller has a need for our due diligence services. After all, the buyer is asking you to forgo cash to, in essence, buy the buyer's stock. You need to be sure this is a good investment.

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Some sellers find our cultural assessment skills highly valuable to help them see how their employees and management will fit into the new work environment.

Business Plans

Our core business is to assess the viability of business strategy plans and company infrastructure on behalf of potential investors or business buyers. The skills required for this analysis were honed in years of business planning and execution by our team of entrepreneurs and former "C" level executives.

Axiomate associates have rich experience translating management objectives and business SWOT analyses into compelling, actionable, and articulate business plans that can be used to align management, attract investors, and provide a sustainable frame of reference for the management teams and boards of directors. We have played vital roles developing business plans, financial forecasts and market analyses; packaging this information into powerful presentations that will convey your vision and generate excitement.

The 5-point Process

Strategic Review

Axiomate's due diligence team can help you understand the viability of the business plan before it is submitted to your bank, investment bankers or funding sources We offer a combination of services that collectively work to provide reasonable assurance that the investment has merit, including challenging your core premises, validating your market analysis and financial projections and offering general arms-length advice with an investor's eye.

Due to our rich experience in strategic planning, forecasting, market research, business plan drafting and execution, we are well suited to thoroughly dissect any business plan. We understand management's commitment to the challenges of implementation. We can help you assess those challenges with a combination of the following specific services tailored to your needs:

  • 1. We scrutinize the financial model. We work to understand its axioms, assumptions, "leaps of faith" and calculations. We can then help to establish metrics and milestones that can be used by the board and management team to monitor business progress.

  • 2. We can review market size, dynamics and strategies. Our market research team can validate the market assertions within the plan including the size of the market, the viability of distribution and pricing strategies, and the strength of existing and potential strategic partnerships. We typically find that the sales and marketing disciplines are to receive a large portion of the use of proceeds, yet the specific assumptions behind the plan are the least analyzed. We can identify, quantify and seal-off the deep hole of the marketing budgets that consumes far too many investments.

  • 3. We can validate exit strategies and expectations by examining acquisition trends within the industry. We can help identify primary and secondary suitors, and current prices paid, while further identifying parallels and inconsistencies between your existing strategic direction of that of a potential suitor.

  • 4. We can perform an early cultural assessment to establish a cultural projection based simply upon the values and goals of the existing management team. This will identify early problems in the areas of team building and business infrastructure development.

  • 5. We can complete background checks of the management team to validate education, job history and accomplishment disclosures set forth on resumes. We can perform a thorough background check for hidden financial or legal issues of business principals.

    Market Research

    In addition our core due diligence and transaction services, we also provide subject matter expertise in the areas of manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, software and Internet development, (tangible) product engineering and development, and healthcare. We have resources with expertise in technology, marketing and operations within these markets.

    Review of Under-Performing Business Units

    Our due diligence methodologies are readily applied to portfolio companies that do not appear to be delivering the results you had expected. We work with you to continuously monitor management's progress either discretely or in conjunction with the management team. The procedure is much the same as the investor due diligence, except that we enter the process with the presumption that management has not been true to its business plan. This presumption allows us to concentrate our activities on identifying areas that are deficient of management's attention. We typically may find a correlation between the shortcomings of a business and the lack of management focus. In all cases, we will not only identify the problem, but will provide you with a meaningful prescription to address the ill.

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