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About Us - Our Values
The employees, management and associates of Axiomate believe certain core truths. We strive to live by these truths, though realize that:

1. We are a client-centric company.

To be successful with our business, we must first and foremost meet needs of our client. Without constantly striving to satisfy the client, we cannot sustain the client and without the client we do not have a business.

2. We set expectations based upon realism and deliver!

It is easy to promise the world, but not often easy to deliver it. Our customers, our fellow employees, our shareholders and our vendors will remember us by what we deliver, thus it is imperative that we are honest with our promises.

3. We aspire to quality and excellence in everything we do.

A job is not done right unless it is done complete and to the best of our abilities. We must constantly deliver as if we are trying to win the business for the first time. A client taken for granted is not a client much longer.

4. Everything we do is with honesty and integrity.

Truth is a fundamental foundation of life. Mankind seeks truth in every one of its pursuits, dishonesty only stands in the way of success and will not be tolerated.

5. We live as a team. We succeed as a team or we fail as a team.

One person cannot do it all. Instead, we each must rely on the successful execution of tasks by co-workers to be successful in our own duties. Just as we must rely on our co-workers, they must rely upon us. If we fail, we make them fail, and then Axiomate fails. Likewise, our personal success is not our own but is to be shared by all.

6. Our work is personally satisfying.

We spend a great percentage of our waking hours in the conduct of our professional duties. If we do not derive satisfaction from this time, we are cheating ourselves out of valuable time, and thus we are not being honest with ourselves, our coworkers or our clients.

7. We strive to employ and promote capable and happy employees.

We cannot consistently satisfy our customers unless we staff Axiomate with employees that are both capable and happy. A capable employee is one that has the intelligence to comprehend, the training to understand, the experience to relate, and the passion to care. A happy employee is one that finds his or her work satisfying.

8. Failures are not failures if we learn from them.

Failure is often the root of great success. Failures are not times to blame but times to learn, to improve and to prepare for success. The only true failure is the failure to understand this.

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