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Our Methodology - People, Culture & Organization
Business culture areas Axiomate explores and the questions we answer on your behalf.

How is the company staffed?
How does it obtain and retain its people?
How are people compensated? How does this compare?
How does human resources work?
What types of HR issues does the comany have? What is its history?
What are the employee benefits?
What types of integration issues are we likely to have?
What is the stated mission of the Company?
How well is the mission known within the rank & file?
What are the Company's values (stated or implied?)
What gets people promoted within the organization? What limits their careers?
Is there universal alignment about what makes the Company successful?
Where are the organizational conflicts?
Which group "has the power" within the organization? Which is the "weak sister?"
What are the people doing?
- Macro: Staff mix by function?
- Micro: What is the staff specifically working on?
Are we appropriately staffed (numbers and skills?)
What does the organization look like?
Where is the turnover history of the organization?

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