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Our Methodology - Operations
An illustration of questions an Axiomate business assessment will answer on your behalf.

Process Review
What are the key product development, sales and operational processes?
Are they documented? Are they widely known? Are they clear?
What are your metrics for cost, productivity and quality of your supply/service chain? What are the top supporting processes for above? What are the metrics for the supporting processes?
Are metrics reported? At what level?
Are they trended and acted on? How?
Process Bottlenecks
Where do processes currently fail?
What are the growth stress points on various critical processes?
Do you measure cycle time, queues and inventory relationships? Are they documented?
Enabling Infrastructure
What is your Operational structure?
What is your Go to Market structure?
Do you have an Organizational Development Plan?
Is it measured?
Performance Indicators / Metrics
What quantitive measures to you use to track:
- Customer statisfaction?
- Tracking on financial goals?
- Business operating at normal?
- Employee morale is acceptable?
- You are getting all that is pertinent from your management systems?
- Technology is staying current?
At what level(s) are your metrics cascaded too?
What is the review mechanism? Frequency? Audience?
What is your communication plan?
What is your motivational, awareness and reward system?
Management Discipline
How are processes established?
How are process performances reviewed?
What are the management overrides of critical processes? How often do overrides occur?
What is your escalation process? How often is it used?
What percentage of organizational effort is:
- Day Work?
- Project Work?
- Breakthrough Thinking?
How is this prioritized, managed, and measured?

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