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What's New
05-10-04Axiomate to Host Lorman Seminar

The Art of Business Acquisitions
The Fundamentals of M&A
Thursday August 19, 2004
8.30 AM - 4.30 PM

This program will help attendees see the "anatomy of deal" step by step from evaluating the target, to drafting a letter of intent, to conducting due diligence, to negotiating, structuring (and maybe re-negotiating) and finally closing the deal. We will explain the steps (and the jargon) so that you better understand the process of moving from concept ("cocktail napkin") to reality (closing the deal.)

Major topics to be discussed in the seminar include:

 Evaluating the target
 Principles and objectives of due diligence
 Understanding acquisition agreements
 Understanding the deal structure
 Planning for business integration

For more information, please visit Lorman Seminars

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05-10-04Axiomate to Host Lorman Seminar

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